1. Savior Self

From the recording Savior Self

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Savior Self<br />
<br />
Shot down and stepped on until we learn<br />
Just get our best side then we’re off to war<br />
Rose colored cyanide<br />
We paint our faces till we burn but it looks tight<br />
<br />
Save yourself you’re not alone<br />
Save yourself you’re not alone<br />
<br />
Got a lot to learn about giving and taking<br />
Got a lot of burns from giving it all<br />
Live to love another day and maybe you’ll be someone<br />
Give in to suffering and hate you’ll die alone<br />
<br />
So run away till I feel the freedom on my face<br />
Never let it go<br />
<br />
Shot down and spit on with the words<br />
Get your act right don’t be who you are<br />
Champagne and iodine<br />
They treat our wounds like they don’t hurt<br />
<br />
Get away the color of your hate has been replaced<br />
Never let it show<br />
<br />
Get away<br />