The Band

From left to right: Frank Junior Guertin, Monte, Jimmy G, Chris Waterbury


The almighty band bio!

How many of these have you yawned through? Too many so we’ll cut to the chase and get to it!

Who are we?

We’re Craving Strange and we play original rock n roll. No, we haven’t invented an all-new unheard of style but it’s our own Foo Fighter, Cheap Trick, Green Day kind of aggressive, honest, heavy rock. You know, cool guitars, catchy hooks, memorable lyrics and a 
groove and attitude that (if we can be honest) has kinda been missing in a lot of todays “rock”.  And we really do kick ass live. 

Why do we do this?

Writing songs and performing live isn’t something we do, it’s who we are. Not a want but a need, a drive (a totally selfish one) to genuinely put ourselves out there to be judged, loved, hated, cheered or ignored based on the music and the performance. Whatever we get, we earn it every time. And it keeps us from driving off a bridge when we get sad. 

What have we done already?

Well, we’ve played hundreds of shows, released albums, EPs, singles and videos, toured much of the US, released a song in Mandarin (none of us speak Mandarin), toured China (they liked our Mandarin), played SXSW (mmmm taco trucks) and have multiple song placements on radio and tv (everything from the Discovery Channel to MTV). We’ve worked with (here come the name drops) Rob Jacobs (Weezer, the Eagles), John Moyer (Disturbed), and have performed with bands like Flogging Molly, Puddle of Mudd, Patent Pending, Queensryche, Brand New and even in between Buckcherry and Bon Jovi. (Ok so that last one was on a different and much smaller stage then both of them at the Bamboozled festival with 100 bands but technically we were between them so I’ll list it) 

We’re very DIY and have (up to this point) done all our own recording, booking, advertising, promotion etc... We have also lived in vans, lost members, had members come back, played in front of thousands, played in front of 2, made money, lost money, lost jobs, broke down in scary towns, made friends (were the cause of al least 2 weddings), lost girlfriends, made a zillion mistakes, learned from half a zillion mistakes and everything else in between. You know, the usual. 

What’s happening now?

Our new EP ‘Careful of the Landmines’ is making people believe in magic and love, and that pro-wrestling is real. Ok maybe that was a bit much but you were probably zoning out at this point and needed to be brought back in. The new EP is honestly pretty badass though, check it out and get back to us with what ya think. 

Thanks for checkin out the (let’s be honest) totally above average bio!