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We're coming to Austin TX!!! 

What up strangers!!! We're super excited to announce that we'll be a part of the Red Gorilla Music Festival and the Texas Rock Fest  this year in Austin TX during sxsw week (check out their FB and Twitter pages and let em know you want some strange (Red Gorilla FB, @redgorilla) (Texas Rock Fest FB ). This is a huge opportunity and we're totally psyched about it. Check out the tour page  for dates and venues and come get some strange!!!

A Life Exceptional is here!!! 

What's up Strangers? We're so freakin excited to tell you that our new album 'A Life Exceptional' is officially NOW AVAILABLE!!!
Sorry to shout but we're just really excited for people to hear this album.

Where can you get it you ask? Well pretty much anywhere you get your music (except pirate bay, it might take another couple of days to get there) but the easiest way would be to just hit up one of the links below and it'll take ya right to it :)

CD Baby


If you could do just one thing for us after you listen to it please give it a review on itunes, you don't have to write anything, just a star review, hopefully it's 5 :). What that does is actually help other people find the album through suggestions and itunesy magic. But it will help spread the word around, and it only takes a sec.
Thank you so much for everything, enjoy 'A Life Exceptional' and stay strange!!

Jimmy G, Tommy, Jimi, Matt


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