Who the F' is Craving Strange?  
A rock and roll band from Amityville, NY mixing the aggressiveness of bands like Guns n Roses with the pop and melodic sense of Foo Fighters? Is it the band with the hilarious video of their remake of Britney Spears' "Hold it against me"? Maybe they’re the band that puts on infectious, energetic live shows; impossible to not get swept up in till you're singing along having as good a time as they are.  
Four guys, obviously and genuinely having the time of their lives doing exactly what they were born to do. This is Craving Strange. 
The year is 2014 and Craving Strange is releasing their 2nd full length album "A Life Exceptional". An evolution of a band and a sound, members Jimmy G (vocals/guitar), Tommy Balls (bass), Jimi Tassone (drums), and Matt Abbate (guitar) have taken the experience and lessons learned from 4 years of touring, writing, living, struggle, loss, success, and opportunity to create an album that represents the bands' energy, drive, and contagious attitude that life is yours for the taking; never settle, never give in. An album that shows that Craving Strange has the ability to effect and touch listeners not only as the live band you need to see, but with the album you need to own 
Their music stays with you, mirroring your angst, love, fear, and hope; a middle finger to "you can't" with a smiling invitation to "watch me". 
2013 saw the band join the Precedent Entertainment booking agency, successfully tour the Midwest and Northeast, and gain a partnership with Tinderbox Music Promotion and Distribution Company (Imagine Dragons). Since then Craving Strange has been added to over 100 radio stations across the country, they’ve appeared on national television, and have licensed music to everything from the Discovery Channel to MTV. 
They traveled to LA hit the streets and with nothing but flyers and enthusiasm packed their shows at the famous Viper Room and House of Blues. 
In 2012 the band released two singles (Angeline and Breathe) produced and backed by Grammy Award winning Producer/Engineer Rob Jacobs (the Eagles,U2, Weezer). That summer through fan voting and live performances the band earned a spot on the Bamboozle Festival where they won over thousands of music lovers who came out to see to see multi-platinum and influential bands like Foo Fighters, Incubus, and Bon Jovi
Relentless drive, talent, humor, charisma, dedication, and a willingness to adapt and seize opportunities no matter how outside their “genre” Craving Strange is a band who knows who they are, loves what they do, and makes you want to be a part of it all. 
We are the Strange indeed.... 

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